Execution + Strategy + Planning + Consistency

Why do you people struggle with results? Because they don’t strategise and plan. But they focus on execution. Execution without strategy is the dumbest mistake that people do. In fact Bill Walsh in his book just talks about how strategy and planning can change the entire game.

Let’s take the example of weight loss:

Goal: Lose weight


  • Wake up in the morning and decide I will eat less
  • Good lunch no worries / didn’t overeat
  • Samosa was ordered in the evening by the company / had half of it / felt good about not eating it full
  • For dinner cook made my favourite dish / oh damn / ate 4-5 rotis
  • Tried to compensate through exercise / but no exercise can compensate for so many calories / basic math

Execution with strategy and planning:

  • Wrote down every single thing that I am going to eat today one day before
  • Every single thing / also wrote calories next to it
  • Wrote that at 4pm I feel stressed so I will have hummus and pita / filling and tasty but not unhealthy
  • Wrote that if numbers are bad then I will maybe have a glass of wine in the night / 120 calories and not bad for health
  • Wrote that if samosa is ordered then I will not touch it I will eat tomato or strawberries
  • You write every single scenario that you can imagine might happen and you plan for it
  • You write that you will replace 1 roti with 1 bowl dal and eat less rotis / that way you’re switching to better food items and will not even feel guilty
  • Write that if you feel like having sugar then have dark chocolate

Execution with strategy and planning changes the game. Now extrapolate this to every single thing that you do.

And then comes the third step. The most important one.


This is where I also suffer in this department because of my love for food. But I try.

But when you learn execution with strategy and planning then you need to force yourself to be consistent. 

Execution + Consistency = Good Individual Contributor

Execution + Strategy + Planning + Consistency = Good Leader